Bears Tales of 2010


Much like the stories of the “old days” when people in Mammoth would purposely leave dumpster lids open and trash lying around hoping to catch a glimpse, and a picture, of a bear, the tales of 2010 made a permanent mark on Mammoth's history.

People, as well as bears, goofed up a bit last year, and some people who had wreaked a little havoc in years prior were given punishment for their trangressions. The situations were dealt with somewhat emotionally, since residents of Mammoth are quite fond of their Ursus americanus, and there was always room for improvement, but overall, as Searles would say, "I'm proud of my community."

It will most likely be remembered as the year of the bear bite and the Blondie public shooting.

A human and a bear surprised one another over Labor Day in 2010. The cause of the interaction: food left out. As both creatures tried to escape the other, they bumped into one another and the bear left part of its dental imprint in the man’s shoulder.

Blondie, a local bear that had disappeared in 2009, returned and wreaked so much havoc in local homes that officials were forced to put her down after a depredation permit was filed.

Earlier in the year, Roy Flores, a visitor to Mammoth who had shot a bear and killed it because he felt threatened, was sentenced to pay a fine and do community service.

Through it all, Steve responded, whether he was allowed to reprimand the bears or not. In the case of the bear bite incident, Steve waited at the scene all night for the bear to return so that he could catch him red-handed and give him a spanking.


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