New Episodes of "The Bear Whisperer" coming this April!

bearsleeping2The wait is almost over for those who’ve been anticipating the first full season of The Bear Whisperer. At least three new episodes will air this spring, beginning April 7.

LMNO, the production company for The Bear Whisperer, announced that the show will make its series debut on April 7 at 10 p.m. (9 Central) on Animal Planet. The first show is titled “Big, Bad, Bold.” There will be at least two more shows, the second titled “You Bad Bear,” and the third “Breaking and Entering.” These will air on April 14 and 21, respectively.

The three-part series, a follow-up to last year's extremely popular two-hour special, follows Mammoth’s Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles as he manages the bear population in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Show one covers the largest bears of the lot, like Ace and Half-Nose, that often battle Steve for dominance. In the lineup, one bear gets cranky when he’s woken up while a second, badly wounded bear forces Steve to make a heart-wrenching decision. All of this on top of another massive bear that gives Steve his most dangerous challenge yet.

Show two highlights the little guys, the cubs, who give Steve just as much a run for his money as the older, seasoned bears. One bear makes a scene at a local outdoor mall filled with people, while another breaks into a home. Finally, one bear’s life hangs in the balance after rocking the town with a rare and horrifying situation.

The third episode is centered on one of Mammoth’s most well-known bears, Blondie. Steve tries to work with this bear who is no stranger to trouble. After disappearing last year shortly after finding herself on a shoot-to-kill list, she returns this year with a cub. Steve tries to change her behavior before she leads the cub down the wrong path as well, but when the human world literally crushes Blondie’s world, the bear gets into even more trouble than before. This time when she ends up back on a “shoot to kill” list, her luck runs out.

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The Bear Whisperer became wildly successful after its two-hour premiere in January 2010. Since then, Animal Planet and LMNO Productions have continued to follow and film Steve in his interactions with the bears. A dramatic lineup is expected in April when The Bear Whisperer returns again for a new season.

For more background information on the two-hour premiere, check out LMNO's press release from 2010.

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#9 luigi4235 2015-03-02 18:25
#8 luigi4235 2015-02-13 11:58
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#7 Sue Valenza 2011-04-22 04:36
I watched 3 episodes of the bear whisperer this afternoon for the 1st time. I felt Steve's pain and love for the bears. Humans has taken over the bears territory and I'm glad there is someone there to guide the bears to whatever woods they have left. I wish other areas where the population of bears are dwindling would have someone just as good as Steve to guide the bears out of danger and teach them their limits.
#6 Eric 2011-04-21 23:18
I think what Steve does is fantastic. Too often people resort to killing the animals instead of educating themselves on what not to do. If people would clean up after themselves and quit creating a food source for wild animals there would be fewer problems. We need to learn to coexist if we are going to keep invading and depleting their living area.
#5 john thompson 2011-04-15 00:06
Really a Bear Whisperer. How are you trying to heal a bear. The Dog Whisperer heals a dogs mentality to become stable and same thing with a horse whisper. Come on all you do is yell "Bad Bear" and shoot rubber pellets at it. The show would be better off called the Bears Chaser
#4 Terri 2011-04-09 03:03
Hi, As I was flipping through the channels on Thurs, April 7th I came across your shows and decided to watch as what you do is unique and I found it interesting. I do live in a rural area -not around bears - however I learned alot. I may just wind up in a place where I will encounter a bear one day and some of the stuff you teach will come in very handy and can save someone's life as well. I had no idea bears were so smart - no wonder the circus has used them for so long. What you do is wonderful and the effects of your work I find compares to nothing. What a unique and humane way to help keep a community safe and wildlife protected. Wish there were more like you. Be careful and God Bless You.
#3 Mike 2011-04-08 02:52
Steve your my hero! you have my dream job. I am tryin to get into the DNRE here in Michigan.. keep up the good work!
#2 Gwendolyn 2011-03-30 19:21
you are the best bear whisperer in the whole world and you i think are the only bear whisperer in the whole world.and your wife used to be a cafeteriaa lady at my school mammoth elementary school by vons.and also if you like to paint bears come on down to color me mine by giovanni's.and you can paint anything you want not only bears we have dog bowls,nightligh ts,snowmen,sant as,a wholesection for kids and a whole section for gardens and bathrooms
#1 Janis Hallert 2011-03-16 19:10
Can't wait to see Steve Searles again! He is a guardian angel for these magnificent animals, I wish we could clone him and help save all the bears, especially up at Tahoe!! God love you Steve your a bear warrior! Janis Hallert

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