Farewell to an old friend

golfbearThe large, cinnamon-colored bear that many locals and visitors have golfed with at Sierra Star in Mammoth Lakes over the years was found dead on Sept. 21 near a home on Rusty Lane. Local Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles stated that the cause of death is unknown at this time, but he was able to rule out a traffic collision. 

The male bear, weighing at least 500 pounds according to Searles was the largest bear in Mammoth (he head was 15” from ear to ear), and quite possibly the most mellow. Searles is unsure of his exact age because he only knew the gentle giant as an adult. “He was the greatest example of how well bears can co-exist with people,” Searles said. “The only call I ever received on this bear was from some golfers who were simply intimidated by his size.” 

The bear, which Searles never officially named because he stayed out of trouble, was commonly seen on holes 6 and 8 at Sierra Star. 

“He was a magnificent bear with zero attitude,” Searles said.

If you know anything about the death of this bear please call Searles at 760.937.2327. Anonymous calls accepted.

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