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Steve Searles introduces the “Don’t Feed Our Bears” video series  Mammoth Lakes Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles, better known as The Bear Whisperer, isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself in ...
2. - The BEAR STREAM -
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This cute, cuddly 19-month old bear cub is on the same track as the well-known Blondie who was ultimately killed in 2010. The pictured cub lost its mother last year and has been breaking into people’s ...
4. A fed bear is a dead bear
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Summer is here so it's time for a bear awareness refresher! Don't encourage bears to take the easy way out and eat human food. If a bear finds easily obtainable food and/or food trash, the ...
5. Rasta's cub meets unfortunate accident
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Some sad news on the bear front. A few weeks ago, Rasta bear and her two cubs (one black, one brown) came down from the Lakes Basin in search of food. During their escapade, a car hit the 8-month-old, ...
6. Farewell to an old friend
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The large, cinnamon-colored bear that many locals and visitors have golfed with at Sierra Star in Mammoth Lakes over the years was found dead on Sept. 21 near a home on Rusty Lane. Local Wildlife Specialist ...
7. A Blues Traveler moment
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... draws more than 5,000 people. It's a busy time for Steve who stays alert and on call throughout the entire weekend in case the bears get wooed to the event site by the possibility of a free snack or a ...
8. More on momma and cubs
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We have a cabin on Twin Lakes, where I was staying by myself and last week a momma bear and her two cubs were spotted near our cabin during the day. Later that night, I drove into town to grab some ...
9. Momma bear and cubs
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Looking for something to make you smile? Check out this footage of a momma bear and her frolicking cubs recently gathered by Steve. Now that summer has truly arrived in Mammoth, Steve gets to witness scenes ...
The Bear Whisperer can now check award winner off its list. Recently, the two-hour premiere from 2010 was recognized as a 2011 Silver World Medal Winner in the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards. ...
11. LA Times chats with the Bear Whisperer
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Steve shared his bear safety tips with the Los Angeles Times recently. Click here to read the story!  ...
12. The Bear Whisperer - Goodbye Old Friend
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13. The Bear Whisperer - Bear Under The Porch
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14. The Bear Whisperer - Bad Mood Bear
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15. New Page!
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Check out the site's new "Living with Bears" page. Use this page as a resource to learn how to keep wildlife, wild. Number one rule: "Don't Feed Our Bears"! The page is located under "The Bears" tab at ...
16. Bears are Back
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The Mammoth Lakes Police Department recently issued the following press release. Now that spring has arrived, the black bears who call the Mammoth Lakes area their home are coming out of hibernation, ...
It was a big night for Bear Whisperer fans. On April 3, three new episodes premiered in Mammoth Lakes, four days before the rest of the world will be privy to the epsiodes when they show on Animal Planet ...
18. The Bear Whisperer's Mammoth Premiere
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Lucky Mammoth locals can catch new episodes of "The Bear Whisperer" before they air on Animal Planet! This Sunday, April 3, the Mammoth Lakes Art Center will host a special Mammoth showing of new episodes ...
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20. Face to Face with a Stringer Expert
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My wife is a Bear Whisperer addict and runs your show over, and over, and over on our dvr. She found your website and had me post. I was fishin up at Twin Lakes a couple years ago from the shore of the ...
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