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1. Rasta's cub meets unfortunate accident
(Main Content/Home Page)
Some sad news on the bear front. A few weeks ago, Rasta bear and her two cubs (one black, one brown) came down from the Lakes Basin in search of food. During their escapade, a car hit the 8-month-old, ...
2. Bears are Back
(Blogs/Living with Bears)
The Mammoth Lakes Police Department recently issued the following press release. Now that spring has arrived, the black bears who call the Mammoth Lakes area their home are coming out of hibernation, ...
3. Who Are They?
(Main Content/Template Features)
Steve never names a bear until it has been around for awhile because statistics show that 51 percent of all black bears die before they are 18 months old. Generally named for their physical attributes, ...
4. Bear Whisperer Returns - 2011 Episodes
(The Show/The Show Content)
Who and what is The Bear Whisperer? Steve Searles, Mammoth Lakes' Wildlife Specialist has hooked up with LMNO, the production company that works with Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to produce ...
Q: What is the scientific name for the American black bear? A: Ursus americanus Q: Where are black bears found? A: American black bears range from Mexico to Alaska, from the mountains of California ...
spent quit abit of time in the high serrias and mammoth in the 70's & 80's fishing. fishing at mammoth from shore and a black bear came to the shore about thirty or forty feet away from me I did not run ...

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