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1. Rasta's cub meets unfortunate accident
(Main Content/Home Page)
Some sad news on the bear front. A few weeks ago, Rasta bear and her two cubs (one black, one brown) came down from the Lakes Basin in search of food. During their escapade, a car hit the 8-month-old, ...
2. More on momma and cubs
(Blogs/Have Your Say)
We have a cabin on Twin Lakes, where I was staying by myself and last week a momma bear and her two cubs were spotted near our cabin during the day. Later that night, I drove into town to grab some ...
3. Momma bear and cubs
(Blogs/Living with Bears)
Looking for something to make you smile? Check out this footage of a momma bear and her frolicking cubs recently gathered by Steve. Now that summer has truly arrived in Mammoth, Steve gets to witness scenes ...
4. Golf Club Cubs
(Blogs/Animal Planet Videos)
... massive bear that gives Steve his most dangerous challenge yet. Show two highlights the little guys, the cubs, who give Steve just as much a run for his money as the older, seasoned bears. One bear makes ...
6. The Knuckleheads
(Main Content/The Bears)
Young brothers, Long Face and Tubbs are affectionately known by Steve as The Knuckleheads. Approximately two years old, these cubs are the little kids of the bunch and they like to have fun and get into ...
7. Sow 3
(Main Content/The Bears)
Sow 3 originally had three cubs but one died last year. Sow 3 spends most of her time in the Lakes Basin and is a good bear that stays out of trouble.  ...
8. Blondie
(Main Content/The Bears)
... in her heyday. In the summer of 2010, she was put down by a Sergeant on the Mammoth Lakes Police Department after a homeowner acquired a depredation permit for her life. Blondie had two cubs but neither ...
9. Blondie
I'm just sadden by Blondie's death. She was such a beautiful healthy bear. I just don't understand why she couldn't be taken somewhere else to live. It was sad that she lost her cubs and then she lost ...

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