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Steve Searles introduces the “Don’t Feed Our Bears” video series  Mammoth Lakes Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles, better known as The Bear Whisperer, isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself in ...
... cub will eventually weigh in around 450 pounds. As Bear Whisperer and Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles put it, “This bear is destined for a bullet if we don’t stop feeding it.” So if you see it at your ...
3. A fed bear is a dead bear
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... soft tops to get to what smells like food. Considerable damage is often done to cars in the process.  Pet food is left out on porches or decks. Clean up after your dog or cat eats, or better yet, feed ...
4. A Blues Traveler moment
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... but Steve knew the group was tired and told them to go get some rest and he would get the harmonica later. That evening, Popper took the stage with a Don't Feed Our Bears sticker not only on his amp, ...
5. New Page!
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Check out the site's new "Living with Bears" page. Use this page as a resource to learn how to keep wildlife, wild. Number one rule: "Don't Feed Our Bears"! The page is located under "The Bears" tab at ...
6. Bears are Back
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... humans for food, is to follow these common sense rules: Never feed any wildlife, or leave food out for bears or other wild animals Securely store food and fragrant items such shampoo and deodorant ...
7. Other Wildlife
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... means the town's motto of "Don't feed our bears" also extends to the other wildlife and is actually an overarching "Don't feed our wildlife." If you see any type of wild animal, feel free to enjoy its ...
8. Don't Bug a Bear That's Eating
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We were backpacking in Kings Canyon and set up camp near the Bubbs Creek Trail. In the middle of the night some other hikers showed up and set up camp nearby. For some reason they figured it was OK ...
9. Steve Chats with Rudy Maxa
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... on Sunday Jan. 23 from 2-3 p.m. and the second show will run in syndication nationally as well as on Sirius - XM Radio on Saturday. Radio feed will be in national markets Saturday 7-9 a.m. PST on ...
10. Blondie
... she could have lived out her life as nature planned. My prayer is that we humans will stop feeding the bears and respect their space so that a situation like this can never happen again. To love the bears ...
11. Blondie
... making her the way she was in the only way they understand, by hitting them in their bank acct with huge fines. How typical of them to allow her to feed at their homes when she was a cute cub, then whine ...

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