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Steve Searles introduces the “Don’t Feed Our Bears” video series  Mammoth Lakes Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles, better known as The Bear Whisperer, isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself in ...
2. A fed bear is a dead bear
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... mistakes made by humans living in or visiting a forest/urban interface area such as Mammoth Lakes:  Household garbage't disposed of properly. Take trash straight to the provided trash receptacles where ...
3. Rasta's cub meets unfortunate accident
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Some sad news on the bear front. A few weeks ago, Rasta bear and her two cubs (one black, one brown) came down from the Lakes Basin in search of food. During their escapade, a car hit the 8-month-old, ...
4. Farewell to an old friend
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The large, cinnamon-colored bear that many locals and visitors have golfed with at Sierra Star in Mammoth Lakes over the years was found dead on Sept. 21 near a home on Rusty Lane. Local Wildlife Specialist ...
5. More on momma and cubs
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... next to the kitchen. The only food left in the cabin was canned food in a cabinet. The momma bear took the cans and tossed them out the window to her cubs waiting below. When we arrived back in Mammoth ...
6. Bears are Back
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The Mammoth Lakes Police Department recently issued the following press release. Now that spring has arrived, the black bears who call the Mammoth Lakes area their home are coming out of hibernation, ...
It was a big night for Bear Whisperer fans. On April 3, three new episodes premiered in Mammoth Lakes, four days before the rest of the world will be privy to the epsiodes when they show on Animal Planet ...
8. The Bear Whisperer's Mammoth Premiere
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Lucky Mammoth locals can catch new episodes of "The Bear Whisperer" before they air on Animal Planet! This Sunday, April 3, the Mammoth Lakes Art Center will host a special Mammoth showing of new episodes ...
9. The Bear Whisperer: Bear Cub Invades Car
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... special, follows Mammoth’s Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles as he manages the bear population in Mammoth Lakes, California. Show one covers the largest bears of the lot, like Ace and Half-Nose, that ...
11. What a Bear Can Do to Your Home
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This photo is an example of the type of chaos all of us involved with The Bear Whisperer hope to avoid. It was taken last summer in the Mammoth Lakes Basin, where Steve does not have jurisdiction like ...
12. Bear Hit on 203
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With the warm weather that Mammoth has been experiencing in the past week, some bears are out and about. Unfortunately, one bear's early rising led to his untimely death. At approximately 3 a.m. on Saturday ...
13. Returns
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... ours) * Return to the following address: TheBearWhisperer.COM Attn: Returns 204 Sierra Manor Rd., Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 * Please allow 1-2 weeks for Returns to be processed. * We will refund your ...
14. Donations
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... you can just send your donation to: The Bear Whisperer PO Box 8619 Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546  ...
15. Other Wildlife
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It may seem like the only wildlife living in Mammoth are bears, but really the bears are just at the top of the pyramid because they get the most attention. With the bears, Mammoth is co-existing with ...
16. Contact Us
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The Bear Whisperer PO Box 8619 Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546   Content: Lara Kirkner   Website Questions: Dave      ...
17. Blondie
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... in her heyday. In the summer of 2010, she was put down by a Sergeant on the Mammoth Lakes Police Department after a homeowner acquired a depredation permit for her life. Blondie had two cubs but neither ...
18. Steve Searles - The Bear Whisperer
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Steve Searles began working with the Town of Mammoth Lakes in 1996 and today, is employed as its Wildlife Specialist, teaching humans and bears to coexist through actions and phrases that are recognizable ...
19. The Town of Mammoth Lakes
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The town of Mammoth Lakes is a unique region of California filled with more than 7,000 full time residents. Located in the Inyo National Forest, within the confines of Mono County, Mammoth Lakes was incorporated ...
20. Bears Tales of 2010
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Much like the stories of the “old days” when people in Mammoth would purposely leave dumpster lids open and trash lying around hoping to catch a glimpse, and a picture, of a bear, the tales of 2010 made ...
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