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baby-badger_smallIt may seem like the only wildlife living in Mammoth are bears, but really the bears are just at the top of the pyramid because they get the most attention. With the bears, Mammoth is co-existing with a critter that people have always feared. Living in a remote, "village in the trees," however, Steve also receives regular calls for raccoons, coyotes, cougars, bobcats, deer, raptors and more in his role as the Town's Wildlife Specialist.

"We just roll this way," Steve says. "We are a nice, co-existing community and we are nice to all the animals." He pointed out that people are overly nice even when one of their pets get killed by these animals because they know the wildlife was here first.

1-Karma2_smallIt is important to remember, if visiting Mammoth Lakes, that all of the animals mentioned here are wild. That means the town's motto of "Don't feed our bears" also extends to the other wildlife and is actually an overarching "Don't feed our wildlife." If you see any type of wild animal, feel free to enjoy its presence and perhaps snap a photo, but don't antagonize the animal or try to feed it. If you feel threatened by the animal, or see it behaving badly, call Steve at 760.937.BEAR.

Photos: Courtesy of Eastern Sierra Wildlife Care

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Don't Feed Our Bears

Co-existence with bears comes with responsibility. Do not approach animals in the wild, respect their habitat and above all, never feed wildlife.

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