Common Questions About Black Bears

Q: What is the scientific name for the American black bear?

A: Ursus americanus

Q: Where are black bears found?

A: American black bears range from Mexico to Alaska, from the mountains of California to the swamps of Florida, and everywhere in between.

Q: Are black bears always black?

A: Just like their more aggressive brown bears cousins, black bears can range in color from cinnamon brown to silvery blue to pure white.

Q: What do black bears eat?

A: In the wild an American black bear eats nuts, berries, roots, and other vegetation, plus young deer and moose and spawning salmon.

Q: How big are black bears?

A: Wild, male black bears of a breeding age weigh 125-500 pounds depending on age, season and food. Adults can be 50-80 inches from nose to tail, with males being larger than females.

Q: When do black bears mate?

A: Usually from late May to early July.



Don't Feed Our Bears

Co-existence with bears comes with responsibility. Do not approach animals in the wild, respect their habitat and above all, never feed wildlife.

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