blondie_smallThe headline bear, Blondie was the example of a situation that went bad even though Steve and the community tried its best to keep both Blondie and the public safe.

"People loved her and she loved people and that caused her to get killed," Steve explained.

Blondie wasn't a dumpster bear, instead she preferred to break into homes and dine on fine foods in people's refrigerators and pantries.

"No one was scared of her because she was so cute and she never once bluff charged a person," Steve said.

Even though she didn't have the worst track record of a bear bandit, Blondie broke in several dozen homes in her heyday. In the summer of 2010, she was put down by a Sergeant on the Mammoth Lakes Police Department after a homeowner acquired a depredation permit for her life.

Blondie had two cubs but neither survived long enough to be named.



#9 Kristina Hoover 2011-12-29 23:52
Blondie should have be tranqualized and relocated. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Period!
#8 Tamara 2011-11-30 20:48
I am watching the bear whisperer for the first time right now. I live in bc Canada. I have bears everyday in my yard. Not once have we had problems with the bears. We make sure that everything is put away. This Steve guy thinks he can talk to and control these bears. Maybe the idiots who have the cabins out there should put there shit away or maybe they shouldn't have built their cabins in BEAR COUNTRY
#7 Chris Loss UK 2011-05-31 20:43
#6 Mary Alice 2011-05-31 16:19
Little baby .... your path on this earth just wasn't meant to be, and the loss of your mom Blondie who's life came to such a heart breaking and tragic end all because humans loved and cared for her in all the wrong ways when she was a cub. Oh I am so sorry ! My heart is heavy but I hope that because of this story, people will understand why it is so important to not personalise bears - to teach them and encourage them to be bears in the wild, to know and understand the man made boundaries, so that other bears will not have to pay the price for human ( kind hearted ) mistakes. May you both RIP - together.
Steve thank you for never giving up on our bears.What else can be said other than I know that we here watching this episode could only feel but a fraction of your pain, and that of the lady officer who had to do such a difficult job.
#5 Laura Willis 2011-05-15 00:36
The death of Blondie was heartbreaking to watch. I was especially appalled when the people said they had done all they could. No, they didn't. There needs to be better policies in place. Steve should have been allowed to try to work with Blondie in ways that have worked in Mammoth Lakes. If that didn't work, Blondie should have been relocated.
I felt so awful for the offficer that had to shoot Blondie and I commend her for her compassion.
#4 Sue L 2011-04-27 15:33
After watching the episode with loveable ‘Blondie’being destroyed I was devastated. If losing her cub, at human hands, wasn’t hurtful enough she too lost her life doing what she had always done. These bears have feelings and I personally feel that we humans are the ones who have taken over their territory.
Isn’t it possible to put a ‘Bears Crossing, Slow Down' sign on Lake Mary road so that the bears could have a better chance at crossing?
Taking Blondie’s life was heartbreaking to me and I still cannot get over this travesty. She was a good bear and should have been relocated to another area where she could have lived out her life as nature planned.
My prayer is that we humans will stop feeding the bears and respect their space so that a situation like this can never happen again. To love the bears means that we allow them to live in nature as God provided.
#3 peanut 2011-04-26 21:04
thats bul crap that they shot blondie, and how they TOOK HER LIFE, they should have relocated her. And inclulding how that older guy at the end was happy that she was shot and lost her life. That's retarded how steve didn't have possesion of Blondie's body to put her at peace and in the wild. I am not happy how she didnt get the right respect
#2 Alice H 2011-04-21 23:27
I'm just sadden by Blondie's death. She was such a beautiful healthy bear. I just don't understand why she couldn't be taken somewhere else to live. It was sad that she lost her cubs and then she lost her own life. I'm glad that the Bear Whisperer loves the bears and was sadden as well and that he works on protecting the bears. I really enjoy the show. Thank you.
#1 Tonya Joy-Soules 2011-04-21 23:20
I was appalled and saddened at the same time when I saw Blondie shot to death. I am soooooo angry at the humans that are inevitably responsible for her demise. The humans should be punished as well for making her the way she was in the only way they understand, by hitting them in their bank acct with huge fines. How typical of them to allow her to feed at their homes when she was a cute cub, then whine and complain when she did it as an adult. Humans are the threat to life on earth, not the animals. Their greed and arrogance in taking more and more land for their own benefit and pushing the animals out or destroying any way for them to survive is despicable to say the least. i could see the pain and sorrow in steve's face when the poor girl met her end. i commend you for your efforts steve in making the area safe for both the bears and the ignorant humans that live there.

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