Bear Whisperer Returns - 2011 Episodes

Who and what is The Bear Whisperer? Steve Searles, Mammoth Lakes' Wildlife Specialist has hooked up with LMNO, the production company that works with Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to produce Bear Whisperer Returns, additional episodes that follow-up on the 2010 hit The Bear Whisperer.

"It's silly," Steve says about the title. "I rarely whisper."

A 2-hour special ran in January 2010, and three more installments are airing this spring. The show follows Steve as he wrangles the bear population in Mammoth Lakes, California in his own unique fashion. Rather than shoot a bad bear on sight, Steve prefers to condition them with firecrackers, rubber bullets and shouts of "Bad Bear!" in order to instill a fear of man into the creatures for their own safety.

"The only things I know about bears they taught me," Steve says about his methods.

Big, Bad and Bold

The April 7 episode began with a story about the "big boys." These large males rule the roost around Mammoth and the younger and/or female bears keep their distance. These bears have a swagger that says, "I may be old but I'm still fierce, so don't mess with me."

"You Bad Bear!"

Episode two, airing April 14, focuses on "Growing up cub," and is titled "You Bad Bear." The cameras follow the opposite end of the spectrum, the little guys, like the Knuckleheads, who are all about getting into mischief and having fun.

Breaking and Entering

The third installment, airing April 21, focuses on the 2010 tragedy that was Blondie. Blondie was a loveable bear that caused too much property damage and was ultimately killed under a depredation permit.

"People loved her and she loved people, which ultimately caused her death," Searles explains.

The 2010 installment of The Bear Whisperer was a big hit and the upcoming episodes are expected to be even more powerful. If all goes well, Animal Planet could end up ordering even more episodes of the show.



#9 Stania Lake 2011-09-02 17:12

Why don't you sell the videos that have already been shown?
You would have one customer here!
Stania Lake
Steamboat Springs, CO.
#8 Sarah 2011-06-30 04:17
Bears that are relocated usually perish... They are either killed by bears in the area that they are transplanted to, they don't have enough resources as they are competing against local bears in their new territory, or they end up making their way back to their old territory. Steve is doing the right thing by trying to instill a fear of humans into the bears. I hope he keeps up the wonderful work ([quote name="Mary Alice"]Re: "Bearlover"- Why are these bears not being tranquilized and then relocated deeper into the forest? I guess then there wouldn't be a tv show. What a shame!
#7 Josh 2011-05-30 21:17
Steve you are one of the greatest people on the earth, the work you do is amazing, I don't understand how you can stay so straight faced seeing some of the things you do, I just watched the blondie episode and I'm still wiping tears from my eyes, I can't wait for hopefully another series and hopefully it's not as sad. Best show on t.v
#6 Mary Alice 2011-05-21 12:12
Re: "Bearlover"- Why are these bears not being tranquilized and then relocated deeper into the forest? I guess then there wouldn't be a tv show. What a shame!

Firstly this tv series in not just for a 'tv show' it is a tool to educate the public about bears and what this amazing man is doing to keep them AND YOU safe !
~WE~ invade their territory and it is up to us to learn how to live next to them. Because of our lack of education, the bears come in because we humans have without knowing, ready made homes for them and oh free meals too in abundance ! Steve encourages the bears to have boundaries, so that they and the people will remain safe. Personally I think the bears are much quicker to learn, understand and accept than we humans are ! Thank you Steve for being who you are and doing what you do ! And for those of you who complain about or don't like bears - don't move to, or visit where they live !
#5 Stania Lake 2011-05-20 00:15
When will repeat episodes be shown? Unfortunately, Our family was only able to view one show. It is one of the best , most
entertaining and educational wildlife shows I have seen.
Thank you and bravo to Steve for his great understanding of bears and his humor.
The Lake Family
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
#4 Brenda & Randy Ivy 2011-05-03 22:22
Great to see that you and the bears are doing well. Brenda & I loved the premier show and are looking forward to the additional episodes. We really enjoyed meeting you last year and plan to return to Mammoth in the late fall this year. We hope to see you then. Take care and keep up the great work my friend!

Brenda & Randy Ivy
Austin, Texas
#3 Bearlover 2011-04-24 05:45
Why are these bears not being tranquilized and then relocated deeper into the forest? I guess then there wouldn't be a tv show. What a shame!
#2 Madame Joanne 2011-04-21 23:59
God bless you, Steve! I love to watch your work with the bears. Absolutely fascinating! I've learned so much about respecting bears and how you teach them to respect people in return.
#1 Gary Smith 2011-04-14 22:55
spent quit abit of time in the high serrias and mammoth in the 70's & 80's fishing. fishing at mammoth from shore and a black bear came to the shore about thirty or forty feet away from me
I did not run or make any weird noises but kept on fishing. The bear watched me for about five miutes then went to the woods. I left the lake and went back to town.No damage done

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