Bear Whisperer Returns - 2011 Episodes

Who and what is The Bear Whisperer? Steve Searles, Mammoth Lakes' Wildlife Specialist has hooked up with LMNO, the production company that works with Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to produce Bear Whisperer Returns, additional episodes that follow-up on the 2010 hit The Bear Whisperer.

"It's silly," Steve says about the title. "I rarely whisper."

A 2-hour special ran in January 2010, and three more installments are airing this spring. The show follows Steve as he wrangles the bear population in Mammoth Lakes, California in his own unique fashion. Rather than shoot a bad bear on sight, Steve prefers to condition them with firecrackers, rubber bullets and shouts of "Bad Bear!" in order to instill a fear of man into the creatures for their own safety.

"The only things I know about bears they taught me," Steve says about his methods.

Big, Bad and Bold

The April 7 episode began with a story about the "big boys." These large males rule the roost around Mammoth and the younger and/or female bears keep their distance. These bears have a swagger that says, "I may be old but I'm still fierce, so don't mess with me."

"You Bad Bear!"

Episode two, airing April 14, focuses on "Growing up cub," and is titled "You Bad Bear." The cameras follow the opposite end of the spectrum, the little guys, like the Knuckleheads, who are all about getting into mischief and having fun.

Breaking and Entering

The third installment, airing April 21, focuses on the 2010 tragedy that was Blondie. Blondie was a loveable bear that caused too much property damage and was ultimately killed under a depredation permit.

"People loved her and she loved people, which ultimately caused her death," Searles explains.

The 2010 installment of The Bear Whisperer was a big hit and the upcoming episodes are expected to be even more powerful. If all goes well, Animal Planet could end up ordering even more episodes of the show.


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